Studio/Class Rules

Studio Rules:

*Please pick up after yourself. If you have gotten out any coloring items, put them back. If you have eaten in the waiting room, throw away your trash.
*Do not allow children to play in the office.
*Do not play in the bathrooms.
*If you want a locker please come tell us and we will assign one to you. This is free.
 *Absolutely NO STICKERS ON LOCKERS! If you want to hang or place anything in or on     your locker it must be done via magnet.
*If there are any questions please address Miss Bridget or Miss Mariah. Do not rely on information from anyone else.
Prior to class:
*Have hair up and out of your face in a ponytail or bun
*Use the restroom
*Make sure you have on the correct attire and shoes for your next class

For All Classes:

*No gum
*No food
*You may bring water (Each instructor will have a designated place for these to be set and you are only allowed to get a drink when a water break is given)
*Pay attention, LISTEN
*Be respectful to your instructor at all times
*Bullying of any kind will NOT be tolerated
*Do NOT correct your teammates!!! This is what your instructors are for.
*Do not talk unless you are asking a question. This is not time to socialize with your friends… you may do this on breaks or between classes.
*Keep your hands to yourself
*Students are NOT allowed in classrooms without an instructor
*Students are NOT allowed in classes other than their own unless they have been asked by an instructor to come in that class. This is very disrupting to the ongoing class.
*NO RUNNING, YELLING, or SCREAMING anywhere in the studio!
*Students MUST PRACTICE at home as well!
*No acrobatics of any kind unless you are in acro class, it is in your routine, or your instructor tells you to!
*Do NOT use the word CAN’T in class. Your teachers wouldn’t tell you to do something that you are not capable of. Miss Bridget requires pushups for this word and Miss Mariah requires leg raises. This is our pet peeve!
*Support each other and be encouraging! Team work makes the dream work!
*There is a 3 strike rule on not having your appropriate clothing and/or shoes for each class.
We understand that mistakes happen, which is why there will be two warnings given; the third time you fail to be in appropriate attire you will sit and watch class but will not be allowed to participate.

Attire and Individual Class rules

Acro Class/Tumbling Toddlers:

*Navy blue tank top leotard
*Navy blue tight fitting shorts

Ballet Class/Creative Movement:

*Conversion tights
*Navy blue tank top leotard
(Navy blue ballet skirt is optional)
*Ballet pink canvas ballet shoes
Cheer/Dance/Pom Class:
*Athletic Clothing (no denim, skirts, dresses, etc.)
*Tennis Shoes

Clogging Class:

*PLEASE have all shoes taped & tied in double knots
*Athletic clothing (no denim, skirts, dresses, etc.)
*Keep feet as still as possible when not dancing to prevent unnecessary noise that is disrupting.


*Athletic Clothing (no denim, skirts, dresses, etc.)
*Tennis Shoes
*Athletic clothing that is form fitting

***There are General Order forms for class attire in the hallway in a file box on the wall beside the office along with envelopes. Simply fill out the form, place it and your payment in the envelope, and drop it in the lock box beside the file box!